Deep Tech for Good

Wingsure’s vision is based on leveraging disruptive technology to support billions of underserved rural people worldwide.

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Disruptive Technology

Leverages proprietary AI/ML, multi-lingual voice, augmented reality and gamification for interactivity, decision-making and automation.

Hyper Personalized

Demonstrates deep understanding of the customer to drive hyper-personalized experiences with curated products and solutions.

Deep Impact

Builds trust through transparency and bridges the protection gap with transformational technology.

360° Risk Management

Wingsure’s platform maps a variety of risks and bundles essential protection for farmers. The mobile app provides ready access to crop and all rural insurance products personalized to user needs, with the ability to process claims instantly. For insurers, it supports collection and instant verification of customer data, automated and accurate damage assessment, and measures to prevent fraudulent claims.

Training and Advisories

Training and Advisories

Wingsure’s mobile app provides tools and training for modern farming techniques. This includes regenerative agricultural practices to increase farmers’ productivity and profitability while mitigating the effects of climate change. It offers timely advisories on weather, soil, crop, government programs and much more, ensuring farmers have all essential information at their fingertips.

Ecosystem Access

Ecosystem Access

An ecosystem of partners finds a natural home on the Wingsure platform, thereby offering farmers a ready marketplace for products and services and opportunities for symbiotic growth through the network effect. These are accessible via Wingsure or other popular messaging apps.

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